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POOL TOWEL DYE PROGRAM • Easy to use; no-mess liquid dye application • Dyeing stained towels saves you up to 75% off the cost of new towel purchases • Full color dye kits come in a wide selection of *colors

COLOURFAST LIQUID DYES *(custom colors also available)


How much money can I save?
Based on a typical pool towel cost of $4.00/towel. You can expect to save $2.50/towel. Please note that your guest towel is a better quality towel than a typical pool towel.
Will the Towels Bleed onto White Towels? The Colourfast Liquid Dyes Do Not Bleed. They are colorfast up to 40 washings. The dyes are not stable to bleach. If the colored towel is mixed with the white towel, it would fade to a certain extent since most white wash formulae contain bleach, but it would not color the white towels.

How Long Does the Dye Last in the Towels?
Dye will last 40 washings without bleach in the wash formula. Typically at the end of the season, you may take the faded towels and touch them up at half the cost to maintain consistent color. That is the best practice used by our current Marriott customers.

What other Dye Products do you sell?

The other product we sell is a Hotel Dye kit for rags. This product sells for $85/kit, plus shipping. It contains 10 X 8 oz. water soluble dye packages and 5 pints of dye fixative. It comes in a variety of colors. This is not a permanent dye and is used for color coding.


Will the dye stain my machine?
No, the dyes do not stain the machine. We suggest you rinse out the hopper after the dye process to insure the machine is clean. We also suggest you wash the dyed towels after the process. This will insure a clean machine. The dye will not work without the salt and Alkafix CF. Also the dye is not stable to bleach.


Are other colors available?
Yes, we can color match almost any color. Darker colors may be more expensive.


Will the dye cover all stains?
No, It will hide most stains but not all, dyes are transparent. If someone polishes their shoes with a guest towel the Black stain will show through.

Will the dye work at cooler temperatures?
Yes, but not as well, the shade will be lighter. To achieve consistent results try to dye the same number of towels at the same temperature at the same length of time. It is important to program the machine with the correct dye formula.


Tools, Supplies, and Materials Required

• 1 gallon Colourfast Liquid dye and 1 gallon Of Alkafix CF purchased from KeyColour
• 50 lbs. salt – (Any type of salt including water softener salt)
• Safety goggles and gloves

Procedure Steps: (It is Important to Follow Step-by-Step)

1. Put on the Safety Goggles and gloves.
2. Load towels into the washer so that the bottom of the drum is covered.
3. Add 50 lbs. of Salt on top of the towels to avoid salt from falling at the bottom of the machine.
4. Add remainder of towels
5. Start program
6. Wait approx. 5 minutes until HIGH level is achieved and the salt has completely dissolved.
7. Add 1 gallon of Colourfast Dye. Flush the hopper thoroughly with water until no residual dye is
visible in the hopper. Rinse hopper well as this could contaminate the next load.
8. Let machine run 15 minutes then add 1 gallon of Alkafix CF.
9. Allow machine to run with formula until finished.
10. Wash towels on Pool Towel Formula with NO BLEACH.