Dyeing and redyeing has never been this easy thanks to Keycolour. Requiring only a 60-minute start-to-finish application time, the walk-off mat dye kit offers superior washfast and lightfast colors that can last up to more than 75 washings.

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  • “User-friendly” kits are easy to use and require only 60 minutes to complete.
  • Large selection of mat colors available.
  • Packaged in convenient Quik Paks, allowing dye load sizes from 100 to 400 pounds.
  • Superior wash-fast results, equivalent to 75 plus washings.
  • Best value in the market.
Walk Off Mat Kits from Keycolour is widely requested by clients as walk off mats get stained so easily that it makes more sense to recolor them with a textile dye than replace them when they are still in good condition.



  1. Load clean, well-washed and rinsed mats into washer. Add dye Quik-Paks  with mats (3 Paks for each 100# of mats)
  2. Fill washer to high level with 130-140oF water
  3. Steam bath to 195oF, add  8 oz. laundry sour
  4. Run bath 20 minutes
  5. Drain
  6. Fill washer to high level with hot water, add mat detergent to light suds. Run  5 minutes.
  7. Follow with 3 to 4 high level, cold water rinse
  8. Extract / Mats can be finished using normal handling procedures.


1. Wash / Drain High 175° 8 High Alkaline Detergent To Heavy Suds
2. Rinse / Drain High Hot 1
3. Rinse / Drain High Hot 1
4. Rinse / Drain High 140° 1
5. Signal / Halt ADD DYE KIT or 3 Paks per 100#
6. Dye / No Drain High 140° 1
7. Dye / No Drain High 195° 1 STEAM
8. Dye / Drain High 195° 30 STEAM /ADD 10-12oz. LAUNDRY SOUR to  pH 6-6.5
9. Rinse High 100° 1
10. Rinse High 60° 1
11. Rinse High Cold 1
12. Rinse High Cold 1
13. Extract Low speed recommended


Greases and oils as well as detergent residue on mats can adversely affect the dispersion of dye onto and into fibers.

It is very important to thoroughly scour and rinse mats before dyeing. A predye wash for 10 minutes @ 175°F using a heavy duty alkaline detergent, followed by 3, high level rinses @ 140° is strongly recommended.

To OVER-DYE Logo Mats use twice as much Black dye as recommended above.